Most Common Android Problems and Solutions

Trees face stones only when there are fruits on it. Thieves hardly target the poor. In the same way, Android being the most popular mobile platform is obvious to come across with some issues. However, things get sometimes too annoying and you wonder it’s going to cost me a lot. But, there are some very simple ways through which you can solve some of these frequently come across issues on android. Here we have mentioned about a few.

Always Lacking the Storage

The best way to deal with such issues is to have the Clean Master. It has been seen in many occasions for a full cache to huddle on the way of effluent running of the apps. Clean Master is certainly a fantastic option, though you can those like CCleaner as well to clean cache for certain apps. These apps make some storage available to solve the issues.

SD Cards Getting Corrupted

SD cards being in use is a pretty common scenario, and so of these getting infected. Upon coming across with such issues on your android, the best solution you can go through is by reformatting those through a PC. Formatting these on PCs is effective and safer than doing it on mobiles.

Making the Android Device Run Even Faster

Android devices are known for their performance. However, if you want even more, then apps like CPUTuner can be superb options for you. Anyway, you have to make sure that the speed is not putting the addition pressure on device. The problem can be solved itself simply by freeing the unwanted stuffs from your device. However, apps like Android Overclock can also do the job for you resulting in streamlined performance

Having the Best Back-Up for the Device:

There can’t be any wiser decision than having a solid back-up for an android. If you are looking for something on this regard, then Titanium Backup PRO is a best recommendation. It can effectively back-up each section of your device.

Issues With Timer:

It’s a common scenario in case of android devices. Issues like this may come when the timer of your device upgrades time spontaneously through your network. You can solve this by moving to Settings, then going through Date and time and unmarking the Automatic option.

Getting Annoyed Through the Unwanted Calls:

Normally people solve this taking help of their network provider. However, apps like Extreme Call Blocker can also do the job for you. Tools like this can be certainly come handy for you in reducing the unnecessary calls.

Missing the iTunes on Android:

It has been seen in many occasions of the android fans missing the iTunes. You can have it through the help of iSyncr that lets you have the co-ordination among iTunes and android devices.

Want to Make the Dictionary More Enriched, Letting The Auto-Correct Work Even Flawless:

There is definitely ways available to add new words efficiently. As you type a word, simply try to find the ‘+’ symbol under the text, and have a click on it. The words simply get integrated with your dictionary for future reference.

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