How to Completely Download Your Facebook Data

Facebook has become an integral part of the life for everyone. It is not about only social networking but also about keeping your information together. Your Facebook Account is something that has all the information and you can reuse it anytime, anywhere you want. However, updating in the Facebook while using it is something entirely different from the receiving or downloading the same information back from the site. While updating, Facebook will prompt with many tabs and forms and that will lead to update. But, getting information back is something people are not used to with. However, it does not mean that you can’t do it or it is very tedious. It is very simple and easy. The information that have been stored in your account can be easily got by the following steps. So, if you have no idea how to get your complete information downloaded from the Facebook then the follow the steps.


You will be aware of the Settings Page in Facebook. Well, if not then it is there at the down arrow sign at the right top of the Facebook Page. You can simply click in the arrow and it will list you down some options. All you need to do is click the Settings and it will take you to the Settings Page for the next steps. For the next set of actions you should be at the General Account Settings and search for the option Download and Copy Your Facebook Data.


The Download of your Facebook Data is now a click away. However, you should always click My Archive just after clicking the Download and Copy your Facebook Data. This will ensure that all your Facebook information downloaded from the server is stored correctly and you need not to worry about the storing of the data.


Security of the data is something very important and while downloading, user should able to understand the importance. The data uploaded in Facebook is safe and secured and you should be careful about the data storage. It should be highly confidential and make sure it is not done at any risk. But Facebook ensures that the information is downloaded by and takes all measures. It asks to for identity verification. Sends e-mail to the registered mail id or sends SMS to your mobile number. Facebook makes sure that user is only using the service to download the information. While archiving it, Facebook again asks for the Password and verifies the identity. The measures are taken to make the interesting service safe, secure and comfortable.


There are many people who will be interested to know about any additional features of the downloading. There can be situation when the entire Facebook information is not required to be downloaded and most of them are needed. Facebook allows the user to be selective in downloading the information of Facebook.

Facebook is an interesting platform which astonishes the user with enthralling features and the download of information is just one among them.

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