11 Practical Gadgets for Frequent Flyers

Although air travel has become more accessible, it can still be a tiring and challenging experience. Thankfully there are some practical travel gadgets which can help to relieve the strain. The items below can make your trip easier, more comfortable, more fun, and less expensive.

Another long flight? These travel gadgets can make it easier.

1. Portable luggage scale

Excess baggage charges have been increasing steadily over recent years, and airlines have become ever stricter about applying them. A portable luggage scale can provide a timely warning, while you still have a chance to repack or send items by other means.

2. Universal sink plug and travelers’ clothes line
Budget travelers can stretch their finances by hand-washing items in the hotel room as they go. Those with more disposable income can deal with unexpected spills without having to arrange for a full laundry service.

3. Ear Plugs
Many airlines give away ear plugs on overnight flights, however they tend to be cheap ones. Good-quality ear plugs can make the difference between arriving exhausted and arriving refreshed. Even on day flights travelers may still feel the need for some sleep, and ear plugs can make it possible.

4. DVT Compression Socks

DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a potentially fatal disorder, which can be triggered by the cramped conditions on airplanes. Although it is recommended that air travelers get up at least once an hour and move around, this can be impractical. A pair of DVT prevention compression socks is a sound investment.

5. Swiss Tech Utili-Key

Sharp items are now strictly forbidden on airplanes, which means that it is no longer possible to carry traditional penknives as hand luggage. Swiss Tech have created an airplane-friendly multi-tool which fits on a key ring, to help travelers deal with small repairs.

6. Shirt Shuttle

Whether it’s the one formal item in a backpacker’s luggage or a vital component of a business suit, many travelers need a smart shirt or blouse. Packing with a shirt shuttle can ensure that it arrives at its destination ready to wear, instead of ironing in your hotel room.

Don’t spend your time ironing shirts in your hotel room.

7. Personalized Playing Cards

Playing cards are possibly the most versatile items ever invented. They can be played happily by one person or by a whole group, and games are limited only by imagination. Frequent flyers away from home, can remind themselves of their favorite people with a set of personalized playing cards.

8. E-book reader

Even in today’s world of multimedia entertainment, books are often the ideal way to pass the time on a flight. E-book readers give air travelers maximum comfort and flexibility, as well as total control over their selections. Many e-book readers can also be used to store and read personal or work documents, and some also offer Internet capabilities.

9. Portable Speakers

Turn your iPod or phone into a sound system at your hotel, with portable speakers. Designed with the environment in mind, Muji’s foldable cardboard speakers pack down to almost nothing and provide surprisingly good sound.

10. USB AA Batteries and Emergency Charger

USB AA batteries can be recharged either via a computer or via a normal battery charger. Between these and a multi-purpose emergency charger, travelers should be able to keep any AA powered device charged up.

11. SuitSuit Cases

This high-quality luggage is designed to ensure that even the most delicate items will arrive in one piece, no matter how they are handled in transit. What’s more, these cases make your luggage easy to spot, and add a touch of fun to your travel.

In spite of the restrictions on airline luggage, some well-chosen, practical gadgets can make a world of difference to frequent flyers. Try these out on your next trip, and see for yourself.

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