Gadgets that Make Your Home More Intelligent

Do you fancy living in a smart home? Before you shell out money to an intelligent home provider, why not employ a little DIY? In the long run, you’ll save money by adding smart gadgets to your home’s décor, and you won’t have to pay a monthly bill to impress your friends with your home’s smart design. Technology is rapidly advancing, and it’s easier than ever to add intelligence to your home without indebting yourself to a smart home service.

Fiber Optic Internet

First things first – If you want to run devices that make your home more efficient, you’re going to need the bandwidth to support them. Nearly all smart devices require network connectivity, and if your Internet is slow, it won’t be able to handle them. Currently, there’s only a few companies that offer fiber optic Internet, and not all offer reasonable pricing. A highly-reviewed fiber optic provider known as Frontier Internet, provides an exceptional internet service at a great value, click here to learn about Frontier FiOS.

Lamp and Wireless Charger Hybrid

Want to really impress your guests? When they ask if you have an extra charger, just point to the lamp nearby. IKEA is offering an abundance of wireless charging furniture, which will reduce your clutter (because no cords!) and quickly charge your phone and devices. There are many lamps to choose from, including floor, table, and work lamps.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are intelligent devices that can actually save you money by learning from your behaviors.  Because they can be turned on and off remotely, you will eventually learn the right time to turn it on before leaving work to ensure you come home to a comfortable climate. Moreover, they can save you money because they give you an overview of what you’re spending on heating and cooling.

Robotic Maids

Okay, so these devices aren’t Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons, but they are really useful in keeping the house clean. For vacuuming (without bumping furniture) consider the benefits of a Roomba or a Hom-Bot. For mopping, employ the smart scrubber Scooba 230. It’s compact, so it can get hard to reach places, such as behind the toilet and under furniture. It’s sensitive, so make sure to employ your robotic sweepers before using it.

Smart Locks

If you’ve ever been locked out of your home, you understand the headache involved with getting back in. A smart lock ensures you never experience that problem again. It allows you to unlock the door with your smart phone. You don’t have to call a locksmith, and you won’t have the neighbors phoning the police when they catch you trying to break in through a window.

Smart Remote Control

Here’s another one that’s sure to impress your guests. You can turn your smart phone into a home theater remote control. Use it to control everything from your cable to surround sound to your Blu-ray player. According to Tech Hive, “You’ll find a number of applications that permit you to control your home theater…” Simply search for “universal remote” in the app store. You may even find an app that allows you to control your devices from any location. Imagine turning the television off while you’re at work because you left it on, or because the kids are using it to avoid doing their homework.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make your home a little smarter. If you have a solid Internet connection and the right devices and gadgets, you can have an intelligent home. Why pay monthly for a service when you can set it all up yourself?

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