Free Screen Replacement: All you need to know about Apple’s plans for iPhone 11

Once again, iPhone 11 users have something to smile about. The cracked screen has been a problem that many iPhone users have had to deal with for a very long time, even worse is the issue of some touch screen points not working. The cost of replacing an iPhone screen has always been high compared to other phone models. This has always scared people from buying iPhone smartphones.

But this is a problem of the past; Apple has some good news for the iPhone 11 users that will make you reconsider and buy an iPhone again. Apple has announced that any iPhone 11 user who may be experiencing screen problems will receive a screen replacement for free from Apple. Yes, this is not a prank or some here say, this is real news as published by Apple on their website.

This move has come after some touch screen issues were reported by some users in forums like Reddit and Quora. This forced Apple to look into the mechanism of its recently released iPhone 11. But instead of a total recall, Apple is considering replacing the screen for affected phones. Apple acknowledged that iPhone 11 smartphones that were released between November 2019 and early 2020 are likely to face the touch screen problems.

Apple noted that some of its iPhone 11 phones that were released last year would sometimes fail to respond to touch. When a user touched the screen, the phone would not respond, hence making it difficult for the user to operate the phones. It was even reported in some countries that the users had to restart the phone hard so that they can resume normal functioning.

iPhone 11 users from all over the world have been streaming Apple’s support pages and website to report this issue. For a while now, Apple had been quiet about it. But this week, they had to do something about it; by offering free screen replacement for its users. Users are advised that it is not a total phone replacement, but only the touch screen will be replaced.

Also, iPhone 11 users who have other issues like Mouthpiece malfunction, speaker or battery malfunction are advised to use alternative ways of resolving the issues. This is because the free offer only applies to touch screen replacement. Apple also added that his will only apply to phones whose warranty is still valid. For users who have already tried to replace the screen with other substandard replacement will not be considered.

Apple’s Web-based support

Apple has set up a web-based support page on its official website ( to help iPhone 11 users to establish whether they qualify for a screen replacement.

The screen replacement activity is dubbed “iPhone 11 Show Module Substitute program for contact point’. The support will go by this name for the period that Apple will take the phones for replacement. Apple claims the problem is due to an issue with the display module. However, the exact problem with the display module that triggers the problem has not been disclosed yet.

How the replacement process will be carried out.

Apple has formulated a step by step process that the users will follow when seeking for screen replacement services. These processes have been laid out clearly on their website. Users are supposed to choose from the various options presented by Apple.

The step will help the user to confirm whether they are eligible first, then proceed to the next step of fixing the issue.

Here your iPhone will first be checked before being offered the service. Once your iPhone 11 has been verified, it will go to the next step of the program, which is now the screen replacement stage.


Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, you need to find an Authorised Apple service provider near you. Depending on which country you are, you will have to find the approved Apple service provider’s point. That is the only places where the screen replacement will be done. Customers are warned about going to unapproved service providers because that way, they will be charged. Apple insisted that the service will only be free on Apple-approved centres.
  • Secure an appointment at the Apple Retail store near you – Once you have located an approved Apple service provider or retail shop, you are supposed now to seek an appointment for the screen replacement service. Since there is a huge number of clients who require this service, the process has to be done by queueing. The system will select the customers by the first-come, first-served basis. Apple indicated that it would try as much as possible to ensure that the service is done in the shortest time possible, but also acknowledged that the request could be overwhelming sometimes.
  • Contact Apple support for mail-in service from approved apple centres – for users who do not have an approved apple centre near them, where they can walk in for services; Apple said that hey will allow the users to Mail their phone to the nearest approved Apple service centre where they will be replaced and mailed back to them. Apple acknowledged that this process might take a little longer than the walk-in stores. But with the pandemic and the lockdown issues, this happens to be the most viable approach of them all.

Apple advised the iPhone 11 users to backup their iPhone to iCloud or their computer before proceeding for the replacement. More details are provided on the iPhone reediness section on the official apple website.

Important Note:

If your iPhone 11 has other damages that hinder the repair capacity, including a broken screen, the problem will have to be fixed first before the replacement service is offered. In certain cases, the additional repair will come at an additional cost to the customer.

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